The ogoh ogoh burns - The Burning, Dark Mofo


The traditional Balinese Ogoh Ogoh ritual is becoming a central part of the Hobart’s Dark Mofo winter festival. The project takes two parts:  As a giant ogoh-ogoh monster is created by Balinese masters in the festivals Dark Park precinct the general public write fears and regrets on scraps of paper and deposit them in the creatures belly;  then on the last day of the festival 10,000 people ecstatically process through the streets of hobart, clashing pots and pans to accompany the now wild animated monsters, before solemnly witnessing the huge conflagration as ogoh-ogoh and all those fears are ritually burnt. 

Produced by Dark Mofo and the University of Tasmania

Initiated and conceived by Cas Charles and Kaz Ross

Parade and Ritual devised and directed by Ian Pidd

Ogoh-Ogoh masters from Bali

Kecak Master Ketut Rina

Produced by Edwina Fitzpatrick