Hard Rubbish is the latest work by Australia's puppet warriors Men Of Steel.   It is, essentially, an all out war between a pile of hard rubbish and, ummm, some Scandinavian furniture.  It premiered to full houses and rave reviews as part of The Malthouse 2013 program.

"Hard Rubbish is a brilliant theatrical riff on the way kids dump the toy and play with the box. And it's in this sense that the grown-up performers (wrangled by director Ian Pidd) are childish; they're stupendously imaginative and opportunistic. Beg, borrow or steal a child if you have to. Or, damn it, just steel yourself and go it alone. Four Stars"  Chris Boyd, The Australian

"Under Ian Pidd's direction, Men of Steel's show is a short step from children's play, the most direct kind of puppetry.... All hell breaks loose in a glorious explosion of stage anarchy... Hard Rubbish is a mixture of mayhem and poignancy, satire and pure, playful invention. Four Stars" Alison Croggon, The Guardian

Director/Devisor: Ian Pidd
Performer/Devisors: Tamara Rewes, Phil McInnes, Sam Routledge, Hamish Fletcher, Malia Walsh
Sound/Lights/Devisor: Jared Lewis

Images: Jeff Busby


Dead Set is a work of musical theatre.  Written and composed by Ian with his partner Susan Giles, the piece was the final in a string of theatre/cabaret works produced and toured under the Shaken and Suspicious rubric.   Ian and Sue toured Australia and New Zealand for ten years, performing at most major festivals.

The key shows (in order of creations):
- Sharks
- Dogpaddling
- Borrowing Oswald (with David Pidd)
- Dig (Directed by Robert Draffin)
- Dead Set


Part ‘theatre performance’/ part ‘get up and dance’, The Inaugural Annual Dance Affair premiered at Bleach Festival in March 2015 to sold out houses and much acclaim. The work is an all ages dance event that immerses everyone in an evening of old time and new time dance floor magic.

Inspired by the rise and fall of the social dance scene, from the 1920’s to today, Inaugural Annual celebrates that the dance circuit is alive and ready to kick up the dust again!

Each performance features local dance legends, a charming MC, light footed guest stars and a heart stopping musical mash up.

This is the night to put on your dancing shoes, your party frock or best clobber and hit the floor for everything from the two-step to the twerk, the tango to a cheeky cha cha, a waltz, swing step or free styling funky soul train groove.

Together with Key Collaborators Kate MacDonald and Bec Reid, The Inaugural Annual Dance Affair has been developed into a large scale and completely participatory community dance celebration. The work spans across generations and genres, connected by the knowledge that people love to dance together.

Directed by Ian Pidd

Creative Producer: Kate MacDonald

Choreographer: Bec Reid

Designer: Liz Woods

Musical Direction: Nick Lavers